A museum,
a tradition

Choco-Story Uxmal rescues the history of cacao, from its origins, distribution and worlwide uses, to its mayan ancient making ways.

Besides the museum journey, you will be able to visit our botanical garden with cocoa trees, and complete your tour visiting our animal shelter, where you could admire endemic fauna that has been rescued. Also, you could visit our meliponario and enjoy our kids' playground.

Meet the museum

Exhibition rooms

Immerse yourself in our Mayan chocolate tour

Come take a tour of our museum, visit our exhibition rooms and try a delicious Chokoj Ha drink, prepared in a traditional way and to which you can add delicious spices.


Mayan ceremony

One of our most special moments is the ceremony in honor of the god Chaac. The Mayan world is one of the most developed cultures due to its spirituality and the link between man and the cosmos.

More on the ceremony


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Prepare and mold your own chocolates.

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